Finding Free Singing Voice Lessons

There is no debating the importance of singing voice lessons particularly if you are serious about a career in singing. Whether you want compete in a realty show, go for an audition or send your sample CD to major production houses nobody will look at you unless your talent is backed by sound knowledge. It is not unusual for most bathroom singers to feel that they can compete with or are better than the contestants they see in reality shows. But if they were to be pitched against a professional the difference in finesse would be very apparent not because they lack talent but because they don’t know enough about the finer points of professional singing. Singing voice lessons can help you by teaching you about the various aspects of singing such as vocabulary, pitch, tone, breath control, voice range etc. These lessons are beneficial for beginners and accomplished singers alike

The only problem is that most beginners simply cannot afford singing voice lessons. So if you are a beginner and would like to start with a few free lessons there are several places to find them.

The first is to approach the church choir; you can get free vocal coaching during the choir practice sessions. Also most choir leaders are accomplished singers who will be able to give you sound advice on vocal styles and vocalization exercises. The choir is simply a great place to develop you voice and singing skills. An added advantage is that you will be involved with a community activity while you indulge in your hobby.

Many professional vocal instructors offer the first few lessons free. You will have to look for local voice coaches online or in the yellow pages. You may even want to call a few of them to check if they do offer free lessons. This is a good place to start particularly if you are a beginner since you will get the opportunity to experiment for free.

The internet is by far the richest source of information for free singing voice lessons. There are many sites which offer information and free instructional videos that will help you to enhance your skills. There are also many trainers who offer free online singing voice lessons. Sites like YouTube and Yahoo videos also have their fair share of instructional videos which may be helpful. However with the wealth of information available online, it is important that you choose only a few reliable sources and follow them diligently.

You can also find books and instructional videos related to singing voice lessons in your local library.

Many music stores also offer free singing voice lessons most of these stores are located in malls and shopping centers so you can just walk in for a free lesson. Quite a few of these shops will expect you to register and be a regular student.